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Inputting data is divided into three steps. In total it should take around 20 to 30 minutes to complete.  After you have completed all three steps, you can immediately access your report.

The checker is there to help you identify any areas to be addressed as well as potential advice and support needs. It is not an assessment test with any sort or pass/fail mark.  It is also not designed to be a full scientific analysis of your precise situation – rather it is an initial indication of key areas likely to be seen as strengths and weaknesses by commissioners and procurement officers. 

Step 1 

Asks for your name and the name of the organisation in question

Step 2

Covers basic figures to be entered from your latest set of annual accounts.  There are 6 questions to complete which cover basic figures to be entered from your latest set of annual accounts. If you do not have any annual accounts (or all the figures) then leave the relevant boxes blank.  Any deficit (e.g. a loss) or other negative figures need to be entered with a minus sign.  Whilst in some cases accounting conventions may distort actual financial performance, (for example the receipt of a significant capital grant) this Contract Checker is looking at basic financial information in a similar way to that of many commissioners

Step 3

Has 35 multiple choice questions which cover the areas of capability, market position, compliance, financial and social value.  There is a choice of up to four answers for each question or statement and the answer which most closely describes the current position should be selected using the drop down menus. It is likely that for some questions none of the answers apply exactly to the specific situation. You should therefore pick the closest statement and answering in the “spirit of the question” rather than the specifics of the text, and by being completely honest with yourself.  A brief note is shown alongside each question to help with some guidance